Now, I know you know what blogs are…but what the heck let me share.

“Blogs are the social media equivalent of personal web pages and can come in a multitude of different variations, from personal diaries describing the author’s life to summaries of all relevant information in one specific content area”

 Check these out for example:

 Top blogs contain:

  • A clear voice that is keen on a particular subject
  • A captivating style (name, themes, images, videos and colour palettes)
  • Accessible features (widgets and links)
  • Regular posts
  • Share buttons (categories, tags and feeds)
  • An engaged audience (comments and discussion)

Blogs are used to elevate ones digital presence, whether it is an individual who wants to speak their mind or a business who wants to increase their visibility and spread their message to make a buck. Blogs can encompass all that social media has to offer to which bloggers can use social media to…

  • Gain followers
  • Create a network
  • Market their subject matter
  • Build an online presence
  • See what others are talking about
  • Stay up-to-date with what’s occurring in their field of interest

Social media opens the door to collaboration and allows bloggers to gain a greater reach and influence then ever before.

In today’s technologically advance atmosphere, businesses have the chance to communicate, cooperate, collaborate and connect with their desired market. They  are also able to utilise blogs to disseminate their message in a way that they see fit. Businesses can send messages into society…

“without external editors, reviewers, or perspectives being interjected. They can control which reader comments are posted and which are displayed.”

What’s more, start up businesses can create and use blogs as a form of low-cost advertising. They can pretty much increase their reputation and voice in society for free! Cool huh!

So…if you have any mates who have or are interested in opening a business why don’t you tell them to start a blog and send them the link to the video below. It will certainly benefit their goals.


Kaplan, A.M. & Haenlein, M. (2010). Users of the world untie! The challenges and opportunities of social media. Business Horizons, 53(1), 59-68.

McHaney, R. (2013). Blogging for Business. Web 2.0 and Social Media for Business (2nd ed). 34-69.


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